Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cinnabar dinners

Hmm..that struck me as possible fodder for blogs! At Cinnabar we mull over every meal. We make lists, we draw up plans..short of murdering one another we get our 2-bits heard. Meals are the all-holy moments in our lives. Anticipation precedes every meal. Eating our dinners quietly..oh forget it! Savoring, critiquing, suggesting, comparing, even photographing the meal once its been served! Ah these are the meal time rituals followed scrupulously in Cinnabar. Ah! I did leave out a critical aspect of meal times. We invariably PLAN the FOLLOWING meal then and there! Every fam has a host of meal time faves. Some of ours have been photographed and I think I will post some of these hits here. And build as I go along.
This was a particularly smackalicious sort of dinner. Fries, awesome avocados that only Kody can offer, a fork-lickin' good tomato herb sauce, and with it fish steaks marinaded 5 hours ahead of pan-searing in olive oil! Voila! How simple and how nutritious!

Menu 1 Potato latkes
Marinated and pan-seared boneless chicken
A big mug of emerald green spinach soup

Menu 2 French fries ( par boiled and then shallow fried ) I am a scrooge when it comes to deep frying!
Herbed tomato salsa
Fish steaks in a dill sauce ( marinade with salt pepper lemon juice dill & garlic) Pan sear 10 minutes before meal
Fresh avocado ..

The simpler the dinner the funner!